RenascenceNFT is a collection of 4096 Free NFTs Inspired by Benozzo Gozzoli's Renaissance Masterpiece, Journey of the Magi, and the Ninth Free NFT drop by Art101. cc0. 3200x3200 PNG @ 300 dpi.

***RenascenceNFT will be a stealth-mint, going live within the next few days, and minting free for all from the outset with no allowlist, or reserves. For updates keep an eye on our twitter, @Art101NFT.***

Benozzo Gozzoli's Journey of the Magi is the preeminent illustration of Medici Florence. A painting more famous than the painter himself, the fresco depicts a young Lorenzo the Magnificent, supreme financer of the Renaissance, leading a procession of wise men.

Commissioned in the 1450s by Cosimo de Medici for the family's private chapel, it encapsulates the relationship between creator and patron.

One cannot exist without the other.

Whereas a few wealthy families financed and revolutionized traditional art, NFT royalties democratized and transformed the digital arts sparking a digital renaissance. A digital renaissance now in tumult as crypto plummets and creator fees come into question.

An ensuing uncertainty that has free NFT projects, including Art101, looking more and more like relics of a bygone era.

RenascenceNFT is the completion of our ninth drop and V2 roadmap. Coming full circle, the collection is simple, colorful, and light on rarity. It symbolizes the fulfillment of the promises laid out in our Original Roadmap while celebrating the patronage that made it possible.

And of course, it's free-to-mint.

With OpenSea's Operator Filter Registry in place, RenascenceNFT will enforce creator royalties on contract. In keeping with the precedents set by, and philosophy of, our first free NFT, Non-Fungible Soup, minted in August of 2021.

What's next? ... soon.

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